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Secret Workshop Snippets: The Herd

‘In your own time..

Kara, our workshop leader slowly paces the floor.

'if you can find a place to stop for me’. 

The actors bring their warm ups to a graceful close.

Intently listening for the next activity.

‘Now we’ve got close to one individual, we’re going to get close to all of us. Like a school of fish.’

Our players start to huddle together.

‘Explore different heights different levels, different speeds. Have fun’

She smiles.

They begin.

A collective.

Always someone leading.

It’s hypnotic.

They are so in tune with each other.

Georgie leads.

Then Slavka.

Then Eduardo.

Then Cat.

Eduardo leading

Smiles break out as some of the leads' movements become more erratic.

No one in this group is shy.

Each has a movement to share.

The wish for it to be mirrored.

Even I smile as the movements become faster and more elaborate.

As I see some mirroring dance movements.

I suddenly think how funny it would be if the lead suddenly decides to try the macarena...


Slavka shouts.


About half a dozen people echo her immediately.


She pounds her feet against the floor.


They follow.

Haka style.

Another movement.

Like a dinosaur.

Arms out.


Like a collective of geese.

A herd.

‘Lovely, well...I think we’re all warm’.



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