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Mind's eye

It’s a puffer fish?!

Of course to me, I can clearly see that the green ball that’s currently rolling around the floor of the studio is in fact not a puffer fish.

But to Kara and Cat, it is anything they want it to be.

4 of our actors are participating in a leading imagination activity.

One eyes closed, is being led on a journey by the other.

As I look over again, I can see the Slavka is leading Georgie.

Tip toeing across the room.

Pausing to kick a 'stone', which in reality is one of the yoga blocks from the cupboard.

‘Oh be careful of the stone’!

Her story, it seems at the moment, is outer space themed.

She leads her to the corner of the room.

Slavka leading Georgie to the 'rocket'

Into the rocket.

Onto a stool.

‘We’re taking off in 10, 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1....'

She shakes the rickety stool sending Georgie into orbit.

‘Blast off’!! 'Someone took my shoes!'

I glance over to Cat and Kara.

Cat is crawling through a 'darkened tunnel', (underneath the chairs placed around the room).

‘You do know you haven't got anything on your feet right?' ‘Yeah’.

Jo swaps in to take Kara’s place.

But Cat is now leading.

Slavka and Georgie have now swapped too.

‘Oh be careful of the tree!'

Slavka waves her hands around in confusion.

Brushing the 'branches' (scarf) off the 'tree' (coat stand) away from her face.  

'The Tree'

Cat now seeing the stand, utilizes it also.

Guiding Jo underneath it’s branches.

‘Look up’.

Says Cat.

We can see the ceiling'.

Jo looks up, eyes still closed obviously, but in her minds eye, she could be seeing a totally different ceiling.

One with a chandelier maybe.

Or a glass ceiling where you can look up into a starry sky.

Cat guides her to the chair.

Climbing up,

‘You’re nearly there!'

Cat eggs her on...

‘You have to pull the guts out!'

This makes me turn.

Clearly Georgie is now leading Slavka is some sort of fishing exercise.

Making her wash her hands.


‘Toss it up’

Pancakes now maybe?...

'Do you think it’s ready?' 'Yes' 'Yeah I think so too'

Slavka and Georgie 'cooking'

They spoon an invisible mouthful.

'Mmmm, yummy'.

Looking back over at Jo and Cat.

They seem to be stuck in some sort of imaginary tunnel.

‘Shall we climb?'

They push against an imaginary wall.

Cat leading Jo


Jo walks over.

'Were you cooking, I heard you say herbs?' 'Yes! We're drinking wine now'

Kara sips politely from an imaginary flute of wine.

'Are we finished? I just wanted to drink wine!'
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