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Manners in Movement

Haunting music

Moving specific limbs


‘Losing tiny bits of details’- kara

hara - japanese

Alex, jo and me spend five minutes experimenting with joints in our fingers

You shouldnt be losing your focus

Your using to control that- do without thinking- dance

Your developing something new- trying- its exhuasting because its new- dancing is really good- its about what your learning from yourbody while you do that- just go for it - if you want to move freely with the music just do it- its your choice.

Rowan and Slavka both sit on radiators (their starting point) while kara looks on bemused

‘I cant work with these people’!


Music starts again.

Think of the journey- we need to come back to this focus that we were having- it was interesting watching you work- your focus was really interesting- think of the journey, not just the movement

Music changes completely- heavy rock and roll

Music stops…..

But there is still movement

Ok guys.

One last thing, same principle, i want you to add something to it- your going to walk towards us.

Eyes open, reverse exercise to first blog.

If you can sense movement, it’s not your turn to move.

They start at the opposite end of the room.

One by one, they take it in turns to move, aware of every slight movement. Patience. Air thick with antipation, who will move next? As we watch one movement grind to a halt, our attention of then captured by another out of our vision. Our heads swival to catch a glimpse of the next performance. Table tennis. Like a school game, weeping angels. They get closer. We know how it will end. They will reach us. But who first? One. by. One. Not all at once. Not all together. But by being patient. Etiquiete. Manners in movement.


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