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Jammin & Soul

We stare at our creation

Our makeshift speaker

A shoe.

We’ve forgotten the speaker for this session.

The music 'soulfully' reverberates from it's top


excuse the pun.

This week

We welcome Sam and Lily

Our two new actresses to join the throng

They assemble as a trio with Alice

Kara again leads the gathering

She has fed snippets of her vision for our next performance to our players

She oversees their interpretations

Sam, Lily & Alice


A movement for each number

A countdown

Always connected by a part of the body

A hand

A foot

OK, I’m going to throw a spanner in the works

If we rotate

Some of the countdown freeze frames involve the players symbolising a phone

With their hands

Georgie and Alex

Repeating their movements from last week

Deliberate digging

Deliberate gathering

Only faster this time

They have mastered their piece

Choreographed to near perfection

I watch Alex

His facial expressions remind me of John who used to work for the company

I voice this to Jo

‘He reminds you of Jam’?...

Georgia and Sam

I want you to rotate of your back

It’s like you’re working in the tiniest little closet….

Why is this shoe here?!

Our shoe speaker has snuck it’s way into the middle of rehearsals

(‘Thanks to Lucy)

The hall of the mountain king by Grieg echoes out of Jo’s Doc Martins.

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