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In time

We arrive with 5 minutes to spare before rehearsal starts.

Just in time

It’s been a while

We’re in a brand new venue

The natural light dims as an automated cover slowly creeps over the ceiling.

We start with facial exercises




‘To wake the pallette up’,

Lucy says.

'Reach down to the stomach.' 'Wah, WAH!' ‘You can feel the strain in your diaphragm’. ‘My french teacher called it vomiting’

They sing mi-mo-sa

Getting higher and higher

Until they can climb no more.

Kara’s turn now

‘Feet up’!


‘Knees up’!


‘Legs up’!


‘Aaand stretch it out.’

Jo squeaks.

She’s assembling a frame in the corner of the room.

The squeaks accompany the stretches.

‘Once you’ve finished stretches, can you make your way to the mat’.


Backwards Plank

Fowards Pl-

‘Guys do you want come and join us’?

I look up and take a glance at Lucy.

We join the throng.


Several minutes later I am again reminded that I really should join a gym.

Warm up over

The fun begins.

The players separate.

Alice B,

Alice C,

And Alex and Georgie.

Sections from a future project are rehearsed.

I haven’t seen this before

Alex sweeping.

Alice drawing.

Georgie collecting.

Alice exploring.

All very purposeful.

Individually tasked.

Each tailored

Each chosen.

As I read through the storyline for our next piece

I start to see purpose in the different movements of each player.

It’s exciting


And hides a deeper meaning.

The projector

Now constructed by Jo’s squeaky handiwork

Is now standing patiently at the far corner of the room.

It has a big part to play for this next project.

But it’s purpose

Will have to be revealed in time.


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