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Energy and tension: A snapshot from Igne's workshop

We're walking. Trying not to put too much weight on your feet. Fill the gaps. A neutral walk. And now, if I meet someone and they meet me, we jump, and we, haha, well we try to clap. Eye contact. Acknowledge each other. And when you clap hands say your name. Try to walk faster and faster. Energy. And when you walk too fast start running.

The sound of many light feet thumps on the dance floor as people run and jump.

Now slowing down. Lowering yourself. Collect your breath. And now when you meet someone you're going to do a little provocation, a little street fight. And then you can make sounds, stupid sounds, stupid movements. - 'Shwaaa' 'Ha!' 'Katoo! -' Ok, lets get back to normal walk.

You can feel the energy in the air. Hear only feet and breath.

And now we'll try to do its called the walk of giants. So, very big body. As big as possible. Imagine you're MASSIVE. And you're walking through amazing MOUNTAINS. And you look down on little people. You look down through the wind. How do you meet that wind in every movement? A massive storm is coming. Meet. Say hello the way giants would speak. Big voice.

Booming voices.

- Hellooooooooo! -

After a large amount of fun with this one, the actors are arranged into two groups.

Ok. So I want you to tangle yourself. Try to cross the space like that with as little sound as possible. Try not to crash into each other. The team to cross to the other side wins.

The two teams, both a large clump of indistinguishable bodies with many legs, slowly lurch towards one another. No words are said as everyone concentrates. It's bizarre, beautiful, surreal. After a while there is a sigh, as a group becomes accidentally de-tangled.

On no, your car broke down. That's terrible.

Lots of laughter

I step out of the room for a second, and when I come back into the room there's cacophony of words and a flurry of movements. There are words arranged around the room tacked to the walls.

Can we all stop and watch.

One actor does a twisted, floppy movement.

- Mmmm butter. -

Everyone laughs.

Can we all do butter?

Butter occurs. Everywhere. I giggle to myself.

Yes thats butter. Give me more butter!


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